Social Media and IT Committee Leader covers numerous events in Israel

By: Karen Duarte - Published: October 23, 2018

By: Karen Duarte - Published: October 23, 2018

Phi Eta Sigma Social Media and IT Chair Committee Leader, Yarden Ben-David, shares his interest in video production abroad.

“This past summer was definitely one to remember, as I spent it in Israel as a Video Production Intern for a startup company called TLV.TV. The organization that set me up with this internship is called Onward Israel.

The primary focus of the company is to show foreigners and other tourists that Israel is not the stereotypical dangerous country that many people perceive it to be. It is a fun-loving country that is more relatable to the rest of the world than people may actually think.

I participated in more events than what the average intern typically experiences. I filmed and edited six different videos, which all together reached 150,000 views. These videos included the Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade, American Rapper Flo Rida’s concert, and other events, such as the England vs Croatia semi-final World Cup showing at an English bar on Tel Aviv beach.

Onward not only accommodates you with housing, a food stipend, and a bus pass, but also with friends that last a lifetime, who are also trying to make it in your specific field. I had so much fun and would do it one million times all over again if I could!”